About US

LOSS Team provides immediate on-scene support and resources,
as well as an installation of hope, to individuals impacted
by a suicide death of a loved one.
(This is not a crisis line.)

Call 940.205.6706

IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS, please call:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800.273.8255
Local Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800.762.0157

What is LOSS?

LOSS stands for "Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors" and is a program created as a service of Denton County MHMR and in participation with the Denton County Medical Examiner's office. The LOSS Team was created by Dr. Frank Campbell after years of working with individuals traumatized by the suicide of someone they loved. People sometimes say that "suicide runs in families" because the evidence shows that people who have lost someone they love to suicide are 2 to 10 times more likely to die by suicide themselves or to have another suicide occur within their family. The goal of LOSS Team is to prevent additional suicides in families that have already experienced a suicide. We believe that our work of postvention, going to the scenes of suicides to support families there, is prevention for the next generation. We hope to serve as an instillation of hope for those affected by suicide by pairing mental health professionals with seasoned trained suicide survivors who go out as teams to the scene of the suicide.

For more information on the LOSS Team program as a whole and on active postvention model for suicide prevention, please visit LOSS Team.